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                                The Charge of the Dark God

Listen to the words of the Dark God,
who was of old called Acheron, Chamer, Anubis, Hades, Mors, Hoder, and by many other names:

I am the shadow in the bright day; I am the reminder of mortality at the height of living; I am the never-ending veil of night where the star goddess dances.

I am the death that must be so that life may continue, for behold, life is immortal because the living must die.

I am the strength that protects, that limits; I am the power that says "no" and "no further" and "that is enough."

I am the things that should not be spoken of. I am the strange laughter at the edge of death.

The Dark God Come with me into the warm enfolding dark, the moonless night. Blow me a kiss when the sky is dark, and I will smile, but no kiss returns; for my kiss is the final one for all mortal flesh.