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Stories Told by "Ex-Witches"

        This is the standard "testimony" of an ex-witch-turned-born-again-Christian:

crowley         (a) He had a troubled childhood; he became a "white witch," joined a coven, and rose quickly through the ranks, eventually attaining a position of leadership (his role was central rather than peripheral); that's when his superiors revealed to him that
(1) Wicca is really a front for Satanism and black magic
[the "higher level" witches don't tell the newer members what they really worship] and
(2) there's an underground super-secret worldwide Wiccan/Satanic conspiracy to take over the entire world and
(3) throughout history, it was really witches who caused all the wars and social upheavals and child abuse and
(4) world leaders are in on it, at the highest levels (including the Roman Catholic Church and the Masonic Lodge)!
And of course, Harry Potter is Satan's invention to lure young children into spiritual darkness (as are Smurfs, Rainbow Bright, and My Little Pony).

        Some time, just for fun, go into Google and do a search for "witchcraft worldwide conspiracy."   Today (February 2, 2023) I got 590,000,000 "hits."

        (b) He came to realize that the source of all "occult power" is actually Satan.   In fact, he decided that anything that doesn't kiss Jesus' ass on a regular basis, including Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism, is "of the devil."

        (c) He then became a Christian, through
                (1) the ministry of some well-known never-connected-with-scandal evangelist or
                (2) his kindly grandmother, who prayed all the time when she wasn't busy knitting sweaters for the homeless, or
                (3) some form of direct one-on-one evangelism conducted by a sincere, caring, Bible-toting believer who was able to answer every tearful question he had about Jesus.

        (d) During his tenure as a practicing witch, he actually saw hideous criminal acts (rape, murder, cannibalization of infants), but didn't participate.   You see, if he had actually participated in these crimes, then, as a Christian, he'd have an obligation to turn himself in to the authorities for prosecution.   Very convenient for him.

        (e) Also during his tenure as a practicing witch, the higher-ups neglected to tell him that the term "warlock" isn't used by real witches.   As a result, he frequently refers to male witches as "warlocks" (in his lurid tell-all book).

        (f) After his conversion to Christianity, he received threats from his ex-buddies in witchcraftand/or was actually physically attacked by them.   The Bad Evil Witches retaliated against him for leaving the fold.

        The problem is this: After these big-name ex-witches make up these bullshit stories, they go around to churches (and law enforcement seminars) and tell them in public.   If you lie publicly, in front of large groups of people, you're eventually going to get caught.   Somebody will try to verify your statements.   You can't get away with lying about your military service, for instance.

This is the 21st Century. We have extensive means of fact-checking.

        The following big-name "ex-witch Christians" turned out to be big fat liars (some of these links are off-site):

        John Todd (aka Lance Collins)
Anybody who believes this fraudulent jerk is not very smart.

        William Schnoebelen
("I was a sold-out, goddess-worshipping witch!")

        Mike Warnke

        Rebecca Brown, M.D.
I am the proud owner of two of her books, He Came to Set the Captives Free and Prepare for War, both autographed by the author herself. I have watched an interview of this woman, and it is frightening how absolutely normal she seems.

The Desire for Excitement

Humans need stimulation. We have the greatest brain of any animal on earth, and we need excitement.

We want the world to be flashy and entertaining. We are easily bored.

Cops, for instance ... if you watch TV, you'll get the impression that your average policeman, on a regular basis, (1) goes undercover posing as a gangster or a stripper, (2) is engaged in protracted shootouts, (3) argues constantly with his irascible boss, and (4) sees automobiles getting blown up (they flip HIGH in the air, doing a somersault ... in slow motion, of course).

And when he arrives to rescue the helpless victim, it's just in time.

And TV shows lead us to believe that lawyers have at least one jury trial per week, every week, with surprise witnesses, dramatic revelations, and (of course) justice prevailing.

We WANT the world to be like that (a circus), and are disappointed when it isn't.

That's where the Satanic Panic folks come in.

In reality, the world is pretty much what's there. That is, what you see is all you get. Ogden Nash once said, "Things are often what they seem." And this just isn't good enough for some thrill-seekers.

So the "Omigod-There-Are-Witches-Among-Us!" folks step in, with their dark tales of the Hidden World of the Satanic Underground (the "underground" includes me and this website, of course). Lurid tales of dark, disgusting, vile rituals. Mutilation. Murder. Secrets known only to the very few (makes you wonder how some overly-coifed white-bread suburbanite Christian Fundamentalist learned them).

It would almost appear that Christianity is boring, as if Christians desperately want their spiritual lives to involve some titanic struggle between the Vast Dark Forces and their God. Would they be DISAPPOINTED if there WEREN'T an underground Satanic conspiracy?

Mike Martin (of Longview, Texas) was in the Texas House of Representatives from 1981 to 1982.   He was one of those "moral majority/family values" types.   He once submitted a bill to require the inclusion of "Creation Science" in school textbooks that contained information about evolution.

On July 31, 1981, he was shot in the left arm with 00 buckshot while standing outside his trailer in Austin, Texas.   At first, he told police that he didn't know who did it; later, he said it was a "Satanic cult."

The District Attorney convened a grand jury and asked Mr. Martin to appear.   He didn't.

It was later learned that Mr. Martin had paid his cousin, Charles Goff (a convicted criminal who had served time in prison and who had three warrants outstanding for his arrest), to shoot him, that is, to stage the event to advance Mr. Martin's political career.

Later, Mr. Martin pled guilty to perjury.

He did not run for reelection.

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