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Misconceptions About Witches

If you've been to more than two or three Pagan websites, you've already come across the "What Is a Witch?" diatribe (sometimes titled "What a Witch Is NOT"). It can get pretty tiresome reading the same thing over and over.

But in case you haven't encountered this list before (and by the way, witches don't agree on everything, but 99% of them agree on this), here it is:

1. Witches don't worship Satan. Witches don't even believe in Satan ... even though the Catholic Encyclopedia says that witchcraft involves a pact with the devil.

2. Witches aren't hags. Witches are people just like you who work for a living, love their children, vote, and take vitamins.

3. Witches don't ride on broomsticks.

4. Witches don't engage in human sacrifice. Nor do we sacrifice animals or use blood in our rituals.

5. Witchcraft is a wholesome, positive, earth-based religion that is recognized as an authentic belief system by the United States military. Witches have a First Amendment right to practice their religion.

6. A male witch is a witch, not a warlock. The term "warlock" means "oath-breaker," and it's an insult.