� � Another Meditation

  This one requires a little "craft" work in advance. You'll need:

1.   Fluorescent paint (it glows in the dark)   -   available at craft shops (you'll have to spend about $8).

2.   A piece of cardboard, about 8.5x11

3.   A generic picture of a pentagram (doesn't need to be anything special) that's about 6" in diameter.   You can capture an image of a pentagram from the web and then "doctor" it in your Photo Suite-style program to make it the right size   -   then print it out on ordinary paper.

Finished Product
1.   Mount the picture of the pentagram onto the cardboard.   Elmer's Glue will do nicely.

2.   Paint over the lines of the pentagram with the fluorescent paint.   It will dry in about 30 minutes.

Take your Finished Product and hold it close to a light bulb for about 15 seconds.   Then turn out all the lights (this works best at night).   Sit down on the floor, legs crossed, and set the Finished Product at eye level.   You are now alone in a dark universe where the only light source is a glowing, disembodied pentagram.

Tell yourself that you aren't going to concentrate on anything.   You're not even going to concentrate on not concentrating.   Just stare at the pentagram and reach inside yourself, seeking the Goddess within.   Let your muscles relax.   Breathe deeply.

Gaze at each point of the pentagram, in turn, and say to yourself,

"Spirit, fire, water, earth, air.
"All are connected, and all are within me."