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Some Random Observations


I've shopped at a hundred mail-order houses that sell Pagan and Wicca paraphernalia (jewelry, herbs, ritual supplies, candles), and the best service (and largest selection by far) is found at AzureGreen.


I've listened to lots of Pagan music. My favorite albums are:

"Dark of Moon" by Sarah Stockwell. This album has the haunting song "I But a Little Girl."   (You might want to email her before ordering from her website — to make sure the CD you want is in stock)

"Sarah Stockwell Live" by Sarah Stockwell.

"We Believe" by Andras and Deirdre Arthan (Serpent's Egg Publishing).

"Songs for the Old Religion" by Gwydion (Nemeton). This one is a true classic.

"Be Pagan Once Again" by Isaac Bonewits (died August 12, 2010)

Just about anything by Elaine Silver.

Hogwarts Academy doesn't exist. But did you know that there is an online Wiccan university?

As of 2007, a Wiccan military veteran can (finally!) get his government-issued grave marker with a pentagram on it. Crosses, stars of David, and Islamic crescents have long been available; the U.S. government has finally caught up with (a) reality and (b) modern times.

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