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Pendragon Responds to an Online Article

On February 4, 2011, Pendragon sent the following email to a Baptist pastor:

I read with interest your online article about Halloween (   I noticed:

"two occult sights"   —   the correct word is SITES.   You also said:

"I went out to each sight. The first sight ..."

"The second sight was quite different ..."

Also needing correction:

"the rest of this expos"   —   you probably meant exposé.

"Our Pilgrim forefathers well knew of Halloween's occultic roots. In fact they banned celebrating Halloween in America"   —   this is simply false.   Halloween was never "banned"   —   it simply wasn't celebrated (do you think the Pilgrim forefathers BANNED the celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday?)

"their sun god, was loosing strength"   —   you mean LOSING strength.   English is a tricky language for the uneducated.

You said:

"a Druidic stone circle, the most famous surviving circle being located in Stonehenge, England ..."   Come on, check your facts.   The Druids had nothing to do with Stonehenge.   The site [correct spelling] fell out of use centuries before the Druids existed.

"Because November 1st was All Saints' Day (All Souls' Day, November 2nd, memorializes the dead), Satanists established October 31st as and 'All Demon's Night.'"   This is a lie   —   in fact, it's the opposite of the truth.   The Catholics started "All Saints' Day" on November 1 in response to Halloween/Samhain, which is a Celtic holiday, NOT a "Satanic" holiday.

"Despite the public relations campaign to 'sell' the public on the 'virtues' of witchcraft, modern day witches and Satanists still worship demon gods & goddesses, practice bizarre & immoral sexual rituals, and certain groups offer animal and human sacrifices."   Another lie.   Wiccans don't engage in "immoral sexual rituals."   You have to go to ex-evangelist Ted Haggard (who regularly received hand jobs from a homosexual) or Jimmy Swaggart (who jacked off while a prostitute posed for him) if you're looking for "immoral sexual rites."

Animal sacrifices? Nope. Not Wiccans. You've told another lie.

And human sacrifices? Sorry, pal, that's Christianity you're talking about- Jesus hanging on a cross. Your god thinks that the only solution for all the problems of the world is the torture and murder of the nicest guy who ever lived. Christianity is a sick, twisted, perverted human-sacrifice blood cult.

"Noted New Age Researcher Texe Marrs ..."   You just destroyed your credibility.   Texe Marrs is a complete fucking idiot (he's dumber than you are).   I'm surprised you haven't quoted John Todd or Mike Warnke or William Schnoebelen.

"There is absolutely nothing in Trick or Treat that honors the Lord that I can see."   Tell me, what is there about the celebration of Christmas that honors Jesus?   The greed?   The commerce?   The advertisements?   The increase in the suicide rate?   You don't have the balls to stand up against the celebration of Christmas.

"First, witches would have you believe witchcraft is different from Satanism. In a minor sense they are partially correct."   Sir ... you are a liar.   No matter how many times Wiccans have to say otherwise, there is still some idiot like you who blathers on about Wicca and Satanism being the same.   That's a lie, and you're a liar.   Don't you know (according to the Bible) that Satan is the father of lies?   How's your Dad been doing lately?

Wiccans don't believe in Satan.

Wiccans don't believe in Satan.

Wiccans don't believe in Satan, you ignorant motherfucker.

Got it?   Do I need to repeat it?   Sprechen sie English?

"Witches and coven members practice many immoral and perverted sexual practices as a part of their rituals."   Another lie.   However, it is well-documented that CHRISTIAN priests regularly and systematically have molested children over the past 60 years.   Do you deny this?

"a tpyeset magazine format"   —   time to use your spell checker, pal.

Sir, the truth will set you free (John 8:32).   Stop lying about things you don't understand.

Oh ... and fuck you and the horse you rode up on.

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