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The Quest

This is a true story.   It happened a few years ago on a college campus in east Texas.

It was the first day of class   —   Art 131.   The professor walked in, and the class got quiet.

He introduced himself, and gave a description of what the class would cover: painting, sculpture, expressionism, impressionism.   He talked about his philosophy of art.

And he handed out a list of supplies that were needed: watercolors, brushes, etc.   And he told the students that each one of them would need an 18" ruler.

A week later, the professor asked his students if they had purchased all of their supplies.

"Professor," said one student, "we were able to find everything on the list except the 18" ruler.   We found 12" rulers, and 24" rulers, and lots of yardsticks.   But nobody, anywhere, sells an 18" ruler."

The professor nodded.   "Was anyone able to get an 18" ruler?" he asked.

In the back, one boy raised his hand.   "Yes sir, I did."

The professor asked him, "And how were you able to find something that none of these other bright young people could locate?"

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