Four of Cups

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The Four of Cups tarot card from the Universal Waite deck

1.   Apathy.

2.   A self-absorbed person.

3.   Rejection of divine guidance or assistance.


This card could stand for a skeptic or an atheist.

Rachel Pollack says that this card "shows a situation when everything in life has come to appear the same."

The character sitting under the tree is detached. When we hear about someone being "detached," we tend to think that it's something negative. But imagine how your life would be if you didn't always react emotionally to your circumstances, but reacted rationally and reasonably.

Maybe the best thing you could say when there's a circumstance in your life that's unhappy or embarrassing or unfair is, "Oh well ... PLOT TWIST."

Somebody hurts your feelings, and you are able to shrug your shoulders and keep going.

Your lover breaks up with you. Instead of crying and grieving, you simply carry on.

Melvin Belli tells the story (a true story) about a Naval captain who was a war hero. He had several victories at sea, but his ship would always get blown up.

One night, long after he was retired, he was in a hotel where they were doing repairs on the elevator. He was drunk, and he didn't see the warning sign, and he stepped into an empty elevator shaft. He fell several floors down to the bottom, and was severely injured.

He sued the hotel for negligence, and the case went to trial. The old sea captain was on the witness stand, being cross-examined by the defense lawyer.

"Captain, when you walked into the elevator shaft, were you drunk?"

"Yes, I was."

"And what went through your mind when you hit the bottom of the elevator shaft?"

The old Captain paused for a second. "I remember thinking, 'Damn! Torpedoed again!'"

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