Two of Pentacles

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The Two of Pentacles tarot card from the Universal Waite deck

1.   Balance.

2.   Adaptability.


The juggler in the illustration is working with affirmative countervailing considerations.

Every action and every decision has consequences. If I fire somebody, then I have to hire and train a new guy. If I sign an exclusive contract with a supplier, then I get screwed if he raises his prices. If I go to war against Russia, they might use nuclear weapons; but if I don't, then they'll keep dropping bombs on hospitals and schools. If I spend more time at work, I can buy more stuff for my children, but I won't be able to spend as much time with them, and when I do spend time with them, I'll be tired and stressed.

The Two of Pentacles reminds us that everything cuts both ways.   It reminds us to ask the question, "What if ...?"

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