Two of Wands

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The Two of Wands tarot card from the Universal Waite deck

"Sadness amidst the grandeur of this world's wealth."

        The negative aspects of wealth, fame, or prosperity; being limited by one's own success.


Sometimes known as "the F. Scott Fitzgerald card."   The person in the illustration is literally "holding the whole world in his hand."

You got what you thought you wanted, but found out it wasn't what you really wanted.   You climbed to the top of the ladder, and found out it was leaning against the wrong wall.

This card is saying, "Look carefully at your goals."

Rachel Pollack says, "Here one person stands alone, walled in by his own success."

Think of the person who wins the lottery and realizes that he now has to spend money on security cameras, bodyguards, and high walls around his house.

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