Seven of Wands

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The seven of wands tarot card from the Universal Waite deck

1.   Assertiveness; defiance.

2.   A great challenge.


He's holding his fighting staff at the ready position. It doesn't look as if he's actually fighting anybody ... yet.

This card could indicate a "standoff" between two hostile entities (one of which is outgunned). If that's the case, who is the "good guy?" Is it the man holding the staff, who stands alone against the crowd, courageously following his principles? Or is it "the crowd," people who want to accomplish something good, but there's one stubborn person who says "no" just because he likes to be the center of attention?

Note that his opponents are below him; perhaps he'd prefer to "rise above the conflict" and doesn't really want to fight ... but he knows he may have to.

One writer says that the figure in the illustration is "taking the high ground."

If this card appears next to Justice, it indicates that the result of the fight will be "the right outcome." And this means that it might not end the way you want it to end.

For some reason, he's wearing two different types of shoes. I haven't yet decided if there is some significance to this, or if Pamela Colman Smith started working on this illustration, took a break and went out for coffee, and came back and completed it later, not realizing what she had done.

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