Living With Terrorism

This is a letter that was sent to the Dallas Morning News.   � It was published on October 22, 2001.

Like it or not, I have a great deal of experience in living with terrorism. � To wonder when I go home at night if the building I work in will still be standing the next day is nothing new to me. � In fact, a good portion of it was lost to a firebomb several years ago. � I've lost count of the number of envelopes I have opened over a period of 20-plus years that claimed to contain anthrax. � Bomb threats and death threats are routine. � I'm used to arriving at work in the morning to find the building surrounded by police officers managing some blockade or protest. � I will never get used to having to worry that the next person who comes through the door will start shooting the staff or the physicians.

Yes, I work in an abortion clinic.

I regret that all Americans are having to learn to live with the threat of terrorism in their daily lives, but for the same reasons, we will all persevere to save our freedoms.

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