What do you see when you see the Goddess?

"What do you see when you see Me?" the Goddess asked.

I looked.   "I see a woman with long, dark hair, deep blue eyes that reflect the moon, strong shoulders, and capable hands.   I see a serene face ... always smiling."

"Look again, child."

I looked, and suddenly I was whirling out to the edges of the universe, then back, aware of every star, every planet, each creature on the Earth.   I knew the pain of a billion births, the joy of a billion spring afternoons, the sound of every breath ever drawn.

"I see ..."   I stammered, still lost in the vision, "I see everything, my Lady."

"Look again."

All grew still around me, and again I looked into a woman's face.   "I see gray-blue eyes, reddish hair, a small mouth ... oh ... I see myself."

She smiled.   "You're learning."

— from The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan

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